Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Arbitrary and slightly insane.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Nosebleeds. Nothing like staunching blood flow from your face in the workplace on your second day there to create... an impression. Perhaps if I worked at Harga's House of Vampires, or somesuch, this would not be an issue. I'm pretty sure elegant people do not get nosebleeds. or perhaps they do, but it is elegant. I'm not sure how one would accomplish such an effect.

The Christmas spirit is starting to take over the country, which is a bit... tacky, as usual. You know, the Christmas thing in Japan was great, very subdued, and lots of emphasis on cheesy romance. also it was snowy and somehow the whole tree/ tinsel thing worked. But (and I must emphasise this point most strongly) it is very hot here (nosebleed possibly related to this), and the whole christmas thing somehow ends up all..sticky. And Christmas Braais are just not very... convincing.

Also, I'm not going to get any presents, which sucks. I love presents. I would like: chocolate, those red shoes at Zoom with the big ribbon, A big fuck-off external hard drive, and Eddie Izzard.

I love Eddie Izzard.

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside...

Today would be a perfect beach day, but alas I'm stuck in the office...not doing much of anything. Now, I hear many people point out that I shouldn't complain that I have nothing to do, but, seriously, It's one of my worsts....I hate wasting time and sitting around doing nothing, even If I'm getting paid for it. Even if there is free internet. I just keep thinking of all the photographs I could be out there taking (although admittedly 1pm in Africa means the light is way too harsh for anything decent...although maybe for pinhole shots...? but I digress). I could go to the fabric store and choose fabric to reupholster the cheap nasty chairs I am going to buy from...somewhere and fix up for the apartment I am going to have... eventually.

It doesn't hurt that it's hot, I'm not all that motivated ( I have senioritis...only 3 working days left till the new job!). Also, and this is kind of a biggie, the phone keeps ringing (hate the phone) and I keep hitting the caps lock. I'll say one thing for Japan, they sure know how to to make a keyboard with an accident-proof caps lock. And lady socks. And Uniqlo.

but again, I digress.

Anyway when I get stuck indoors workin' on nothin' like this, my brain atrophies... and then when something comes up, I just can't cope. I'd rather be busy and stressed all day than bored. Does this make me a type A?