Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Short Story to Break the Monotony.

At first, life was nothing but the peaceful warm embrace of her sisters. For thirty years, they were inseparable, so alike as to be indistinguishable, never apart, as close as close could be. They never argued or fought or squabbled, like other sisters might. She could not imagine life beyond this warm embrace, could not imagine a life apart from them.

But then, all too soon and without warning, the day of her leaving came. She had no choice, it seemed. Fate had chosen this path for her, and like her sisters before her, she felt herself drawn out into the big, wide spaces of the world. Everything seemed bigger, vaster, echoing caverns, darkness, the vast unknown. She journeyed for what seemed an eternity before she found a place to rest, a place she hoped could be her home.

And for a time, it was peaceful there. Lonely, without her sisters, but the solitude had its own charms; the silence its own sweet music. She wrapped herself in thoughts of her sisters, and of the vast world around her, and of the future, and what it might hold.

She could not have imagined; not in her most vivid nightmares; what was to come. Suddenly, they were there; seemingly millions of them, their blind lust threatening to overwhelm her, invading her with their thrusting, prodding, biting. Never before had she felt such an agony, felt such uncaring maleness, such unending assault.

Abruptly, it ended. As swiftly as they had appeared, they were gone, leaving but one of their member; he the victor, she the prize. Forever joined, forever changed, they two had become something…other. She grew used to the idea, after a fashion, and consoled herself that the worst had happened, and perhaps her peace would return. Time passed, and she began to feel a certain sense of peace and wholeness. It was not to last.

A rending, a tearing, a ripping, an unholy fission of her very being. Torn in two, suffering an agony of confusion, she cried out at he unholy affliction, and wondered how much more torture she would have to endure. She turned, gasped, saw a mirror image of her very being. Warmth flooded through her, a quickening, recognition of some elusive truth. Around her were new sisters; but, no, not sisters, they were clones of herself. At first one, then three, then dozens, hundreds, millions, bound together.

A change was coming. Soon they would be born, as something new and strange and wonderful. But no matter what happened, she knew this- she would never be alone again.

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Blogger kyknoord said...

For a while there I thought it was about telemarketers. Very clever. I see what you did there.

3:42 PM  
Blogger Charmskool said...

Hmmm I geddit! So now I don't have to have that talk with you after all? I have rather been putting it off for the last twenty odd years.

3:42 PM  
Blogger Betenoir said...

kyk- Now I wish I'd thought of that!
Mom- you mean the one about how cellular mitosis works? yeah, I had to find that out for myself. Thanks a Bunch!

3:52 PM  
Anonymous panic embryo said...

Is this part one?

4:19 PM  
Anonymous charmskool said...

Smart Aleck!

4:26 PM  
Blogger SheBee said...

You are not to laugh,but I've only just realized your pictures have a mouseover thing to them.

Yes, I have been reading your blog for centuries and it never really sank in, even with the instruction on the top of your title tab.


11:27 PM  

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