Thursday, April 24, 2008


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Oh doh.

I am not feeling very well. Not well at all, I must say. I seem to have contracted the devil anger death flu.I have been laid low, weeping and moaning and having very weird dreams that I am a mutant genetic experiment with unrealised powers, and I must find the first of my kind in Australia with the help of a rogue scientist and also my friend Gallagher (who come to think of it I haven't heard from in a while) before the evil corporation that created us wipes us out...

Or something. Not very clear on the details of that one. There was a nice picnic, though...

In any case, I came to realise I don't enjoy being sick. Give me a nice migraine or a strained muscle any day. But feverishness and "the Lurgy" just make me miserable. Miserable and stupid*. Miserable, stupid, and clumsy.

Also, repetitious.

I seem to get a flu now every Autumn; rain or shine, minamiafurika or nihon. last year, like a good girl, I got the flu injection. It gave me the flu. People laugh when I tell them, but it's not funny**. And do I get sympathy? Well, yes. But not at work. I somehow got finagled into coming in today, "no matter how sick you are", to work on a very important project, except that then the person who made me promise to come in buggered off without even a wisp of a hint of working on said extremely important project. So I could have stayed in bed.

Ta for that.

But I will have my revenge. I have breathed on everything.....

* you should have seen the spelling on this thing before I checked it eight times.
**It's not. Stop that.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should also lick a few coffee cups - just to make sure.

9:18 AM  
Anonymous charmskool said...

Aww poor baby girl. Nasty flu, bad, bad flu! Leave lots of snotty used tissues lying around the place and forget to bin them - spread the joy! The flu vaccine can't give you flu - the virus is dead/inactive in the vaccine. It's the fact that you were getting flu anyway that happens before the vaccine can kick in (takes 2 weeks to work). Get better quick! A romantic getaway is not much fun with a snotty nose and a fever.

10:48 AM  

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