Monday, May 12, 2008

I was on vacation, and then I was lazy.

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Right, well, there goes that set of good intentions out of the window. Honestly. There's something about wintry weather that just saps you of energy and motivation and drives you only towards the snugglydom of your bed, and the warm comforts of hot chocolate and snack foods.

My man and I spent took leave between the long weekends and snuck away to Knysna for a some romantical times. It was long overdue as he had been working very hard and I was just frazzled and bored by the drudgery of working life. We spent a lovely few days (not enough) feeding elephants*, visiting the wolf sanctuary (great bunnies there, by the way), snuggling up to the fire in the evenings, eating outdoors, and generallly hugging trees and acting like tourists. It was a fantastic holiday and at least two weeks too short.

It was hard coming back, though. There's nothing quite like that first Monday morning back. Especially when winter has struck over the holiday: it's pitch black night when you wake up, your circadian rythms are all wonky, you've forgotten all the important details you needed to remember, and the coffee isn't nearly strong enough for your needs.

Somehow, though, the feeling of bliss managed to last at least until Wednesday, and my patience and sense of fortitude has yet to wear thin. Perhaps it's because the last few months have ushered in a new era of peace and prosperity in my office, initiated by my new, more efficient**, more effective super-robot-office-ninja***-me. Perhaps it's because of my new more stylish hairstlye (Cate Blanchett even stole it for the new Indy movie). Perhaps it's because I watched the Final Cut of Blade Runner last night.

But right now, not even the teenagers can irk me.

*be warned, their snot is smelly, and there's lots of it.
** not really, but if you act in a certain way people are more likely to believe you.
***"Office Ninja"(noun): one wh ois capable and indispensible in the many secret realms of the office****, and never lets the ball drop- the sword either.
**** double-sided photocopying, powerpoint, photoshop.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never lets the ball drop? So I take it male Office Ninjas speak in squeaky voices?

2:24 PM  
Anonymous panic embryo said...

Seems we're on a Harrison Ford drive of late. Of course, we all know why...May 22nd...helloooo!!!

Yes, you're quite aware of my excitement.

But regardless of such, there's nothing quite like a restful holiday. That and the 'happy-go-lucky'-inducing delirium for fedora-bearers from a most awesome hairdo.

9:32 PM  
Blogger Brent said...

I find an amusing degree of perversity in the fact that you found bunnies at the wolf sanctuary.

1:33 PM  

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