Friday, January 18, 2008

Things I guess I could Blog about in more detail, but probably won't.

  1. Cankles. They weird me out, and I fear them. Old ladies with cankles make me slightly nauseous and also I feel the urge to poke them with a sharp instrument such as a knitting needle. As my great-granny apparently said: "beef to the heel". Nugh.
  2. If you're that desperate for a shit, why not choose the gutter, rather than the sidewalk. And, no, covering it with your shirt is not actually a socially acceptable way of dealing with it. Perhaps: try drinking slightly less malt liquor.
  3. Cutting most of your hair off during the humid part of summer: apparently not that good an idea.
  4. people who eat neither cake nor chocolate are just plain weird.
  5. One tires of cleaning dog fur off the couch very quickly, no? Bad dog. No more biscuits for you. And stop acting all innocent. You're the worst criminal ever. I can't believe you tried to eat a magazine.
  6. I have actually reached Britney saturation, and would like her to go away. Preferably to some country without telecommunications.
  7. One week with DSTV has convinced me that a) teenage girls in America are disgustingly spoiled and should be made to go fight in Iraq b) they've been showing the same 10 programmes on all hundred-odd channels for at least 2 years and c) until they get comedy central, NBC, ABC or HBO the entire thng is really just a scam*. Africamagic is apparently made by four-year-olds with a point-and shoot and a bad case of diarrhoea .
  8. That Admiral Cain is a Beyatch! I can't believe they gave that ship it's own series! Does nobody care about the Geneva convention anymore?
*with the exception of discovery channel. Long live Mythbusters!