Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Another Year Over, And What Do You Get?

So. Another year over and done with. 2005- so last year. And what a year: mostly pretty good, interspersed with moments of extreme and debilitating crapness. The good moments include students, Hong Kong for golden week, Parties, Karaoke, Bowling, Onsens, the swans at Tokachigawa River, Getting into the musical, camping (even though I hate Camping and I always got dirty), and meeting the super-wicked new (and oldish) people in O-town.

Crapness includes: my pathetic and confusing love-life- or lack thereof, multiple hangovers, the Demon seeds of Intercultural Understanding, and the weather, which is by now unsurprising in its unwillingness to compromise ( if it is not sub-zero, it is sweltering and armpit-humid).

The actual NYE celebration was pretty cool itself. We ( and by we I mean Saradia and I; along with the P.A. , Shane; although a whole buncha other people kinda circled us for the evening) went to this beer bar in Sapps. When i say beer bar, I mean an obsessive- beer- can- collection- all- over- the- walls- brew- our- own- beer- what- do- you- mean- you- want- a- gin- and- tonic sort of place. It was fantasmic: there was Foozball and Darts and the owner, whose name was Phred and who looked like Santa, even though he too is one of the chosen people (see, I'm not the only one in Hokkaido)!

Anyway, the evening was great, which Probably was because I never usually have much of a good time on NYE so I wasn't expecting all that much. And it was pretty cheap too, so bonus. Intenseley lacking in crapness, it was.

new years' resolutions:

1) No drinking on school nights, and no more than 2 drinks per night out.
2) attempt to be unresentful and motivated with The Demon Seeds
3) Avoid romantic entanglements of any sort whilst in this country
4) do not, under any circumstances, recruit an army of orcs and invade France

I thought the last one would be pretty easy to keep...